What Some Of The Greatest
Marketers In The World Have To
Say About John Anghelache...

"... delighted with the results."

"John is only one of a handful of new copywriters on the scene I'd trust. In fact, I hired him recently to write a sales letter for one of my $6,250 products. He jam-packed the letter with killer salesmanship. I'm delighted with the results."

-- Gary C. Halbert


"... excellent copywriter."

"But more than that, his sales letter is pulling sales and making money, which is the real world test. He's an excellent copywriter."

-- Dr. Joe Vitale
Hypnotic Marketing Inc.


"... glued my eyes to every page..."

"I have to tell you the bullet copy you just wrote for me is fantastic. You pack benefit after benefit into your copy that practically glued my eyes to every page from beginning to end."

-- Yanik Silver
SureFireMarketing Inc.


"... you'll profit..."

"When I read the copy John wrote about my Breakthrough Copywriting Seminar, I became so enthused I wanted to watch the DVDs all over again!... He 'gets' it -- and if you're lucky enough to have him write copy for you, you'll profit from it!"

-- David Garfinkel
World Copywriting Institute


"... produced millions of dollars in sales."

"John knows what he's talking about. I know, because I hired him! He wrote copy for some of my clients in my copywriting agency, which produced millions of dollars in sales."

-- Michel Fortin
The Success Doctor, Inc.


"... hassle-free results..."

“John, I can count the number of copywriters I’ll hire on one hand and still have enough left-over digits to hold a pencil securely. For the quality, timeliness and hassle-free results you delivered, I’ll confidently hire you again."

-- Peter Stone


"... over... $480,000 this year!!!"

“With his creative genius we have increased our online sales to almost 700 books and CD sales per month!! That’s over $40,000 in sales each month and $480,000 this year!!!”

-- Henry Church


"... sold out the $5,000 per head event."

"John is an excellent copywriter with an uncanny ability to sell high-ticket items. Here's the proof: I hired John to write the website copy for my May 2006 seminar. Within 35 hours, I sold out the $5,000 per head event. If you want to make more money from all your promotions hire this guy.”

-- Pat O'Bryan, Director
Milagro Research Institute


"... return on investment... 1,078.64%."

"Hiring John to write the copy for my membership site has been very profitable. I wanted to reach a realistic goal of selling 300 slots within the first couple of months. But with the letter John wrote, I sold 325 memberships in the first two weeks. My return on investment in John's copywriting services (so far) is a staggering 1,078.64%. And since there is a recurring service fee the ROI will grow each and every month."

-- Dave Moore


"... 10% conversion rate on a $2,970 product."


"I just wanted to thank you for writing our marketing materials (online sales letter, direct mail piece, autoresponders, phone scripts) for our current project. I appreciate the fact you took time to learn about my products in detail and did the job right on schedule. Your copywriting skills and marketing insights were invaluable to the success of this project. The campaign you created has pulled in an exciting 10% conversion rate on a $2,970 product. Thank you for all your help."


-- Financial Publisher
(Inc. 500 company)



"... 1,425% return on my advertising investment."


"I've hired John for several projects as he came highly recommended by copywriting and marketing expert, David Garfinkel. John has done a tremendous job on several projects. A recent promotion he strategized and wrote resulted in an incredible 1,425% return on my advertising investment. John knows what it takes to craft direct response ads both online and offline that bring in profits."


-- Clifford Mee


"... generated an 11.5% response..."



"John Anghelache came highly recommended as a direct response copywriter and marketer who can produce results. He crafted a promotion for one of our front-end products that generated an 11.5% response for the initial test. That's a 230% conversion increase. John has my highest recommendation."


-- Chad Edwards
Tri 3 Media


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